How to Overcome Growth Discomfort

Growth and comfort do NOT coexist! If you are comfortable, you are not growing, and if you are growing, you are not comfortable.

No time makes this more apparent than during your first week of working towards new goals. It’s also the reason so many people who sign up for health clubs quit without ever going back after January.

Change is not fun. It does not feel great.

I know. Because one of my mini goals is waking up earlier and I don’t like it. I HATE IT. I’m tired. A little fuggy. And maybe… renewing my love affair with coffee. BUT I know this pain is temporary and worth it. I also know that if I push through, I’ll eventually shift my evening routine enough so that I’ll get used to going bed a little earlier so that I won’t be as tired. Soon my intended wake up time will become the norm.

The difference between those who stick with it and those who quit isn’t willpower. It’s making a decision and committing to it. Once you’ve decided you are going to wake up earlier or lose 10 pounds or whatever your goal is, as long as it is within your power, you have just committed to achieving it.

The difference between decision and willpower is subtle. This mindset is called the Be. Do. Have. Paradigm. In the simplest terms: Be the person who has your desired outcome (i.e., a morning person); Do the things that person does (i.e., wake up early); to Have the things that person has (i.e., they are awake and functional in the morning).

It’s not easy achieving new goals. The best way to succeed is to have support in place. Set yourself up for success by creating an environment that drives you to toward your goal. If you’re also trying to get up earlier, try setting your alarm on the other side of the room, so it’s hard to hit snooze. Healthy eating? Remove “bad” foods from your home, so there is less temptation. Daily meditation? Use an app with a reminder notification or Google Fit’s goal setting function.

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