Happy New Year!

I can’t believe I’m finally live! Almost exactly one year ago my life was completely different! I was dreading going back to work (as a Forensic Accountant) and counting the hours, days, and minutes until I would be able to quit and take my coaching gig full time. Fate had other plans for me and decided to launch me out of the world of accounting before I would have willingly leaped on my own. I am one of those people who believe in signs and decided to go all in on Lean On Bean, a lifestyle and health coaching service for other busy professionals like myself and my co-workers who understand that being healthy is something they need to perform at their best in their life and career.

2017 wasn’t all smooth sailing. I lost my grandfather to cancer in the spring. My husband and I decided to relocate from New Orleans to Colorado, which rather than being a straightforward process was filled with headaches around finding apartments which would accept our 3 pets (2 cats and a dog) and the moving company damaging almost ALL of our furniture. However, we are now situated in a lovely apartment with a pleasing view of Pike’s Peak in Colorado Springs. The sunsets are absolutely gorgeous almost every night!

Leela Cat on our Colorado Springs Balcony
Fry Cat on our Colorado Springs Balcony
Lana Dog and I driving to Black Forest, CO

While we had setbacks, this year has left me with much more to be thankful for. For the first time in 20+ years, I feel HEALTHY, not just good or okay, but truly healthy. This is in part due to my health coaching training, but it is also due to my ability to enact stress management, mindfulness techniques, and listening to my body more over the last 18 months. I have a long history of chronic pain. In early 2016 I was officially diagnosed with Fibromyalgia after a 14-month journey with my doctor and developing a killer team of specialists within Ochsner Health in New Orleans. (I will miss them.) Together we figured out the best way to treat my symptoms. I re-learned just how vital self-care, daily movement (we sit SOOOOO much!), and food can be to our over well-being. During my journey, I had the bonus of discussing food and wellness with my coworkers. It reiterated how much I love helping others understand wellness and how they can make it fit in their lives.

Back to this current year, I have enjoyed learning new skills! I’m enjoying learning more about Instagram, which I previously only used to check out funny memes and friend’s baby pictures. I’ve also had the benefit of being coached by Mastin Kipp and signing up for B-School with Marie Forleo. I absolutely LOVE learning, and I can’t wait to learn more about being an entrepreneur and how to best help my coachees.

My goal for this blog is to write entertaining and informational posts about all aspects of wellness including food, nutrition, body movement, spirituality, and sleep. Mostly I will be focused on self-care, stress management, and mindfulness, and how to incorporate health to better your life and career. Realistically. Not some unattainable advice for people with gobs of free-time and no responsibilities. Join my Facebook Group for wellness advice and motivation for career-focused individuals.

May the New Year bring you everything you health, wealth, and wisdom!

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